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Surfside ASADA Extraordinary Meeting July 3rd


The Surfside ASADA has cald for an Extraordinary Meetingfor July 3rd, to elect Board Members to replace those who have resigned.

The positions open for election are Vice President and one of the Vocals.

If the election follows the rules as set out in he bylaws the positions would be open only to males, having four females on the Board presently. The intention of that rule is to maintain a gender balance on any Board representng the public, and it is not specific to the Surfside ASADA.

Since the ASADA manages the water system for the Surfside Community, issuing permits, managing public funds, and maintaining the pumps and aqueducts, it is important for members of the community to come out and participate in the election of the Board that represents us.

To particpate or be eligible for a Board positon, one must be a member holding a water permit issued by the Surfside ASADA.

Nominations can be made in advance by contacting the Surfside ASADA office or in person prior to the election of each position.

Due to the Covid restrictions on public gatherings the event will be restricted to one person per household registered with the ASADA.

One does not need to be a resident but biligual representatives would be beneficial.

The meeting will be held at tha Bahia del Sol Hotel in the palapa by the beach on Saturday July 3rd, 2021

First Call 8:00am

Second Call 9:00am

Hope to see you there.