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2019 Marchamos are now available

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After a delay of several weeks car owners can now purchase their 2019 Marchamo.

A marchamo is a licensng and insurance fee paid annually and normally available from November 1st to December 31st of each year. Shortly after January first a late fee penalty is added to the regular fee. If you are stopped with an invalid sticker you can receive a fine or have the vehicle impounded.

To find out how much one owes you can check online on the INS website in the marchamo section or your Costa Rican banks website has this option as well. The amount you need to pay depends on the year, make, and model of the car. Most personal vehicles are listed under PART-PARTICULAR in the first dropdown box. The second box is where you enter your license plate number.

There are options for additional coverage, including life insurance, damage to property, roadside assistance, additional coverage and full coverage. Full Coverage is approximately double the basic coverage fee.

If you have any outstanding tickets they will also show up and you are required to pay these fines before you are allowed to renew your Marchamo. You need to have the licence plate number to find out how much you owe.

Anyone is allowed to pay for a marchamo even if the vehicle is not registered in their name simply using the license plate number. You also need to show proof that the vehicle has an up to date RTV slip showing that a car has passed it's yearly emissions testing.

If you pay for the marchamo at the bank they will issue the sticker and card right then and there. This is the most convenient way, but keep in mind the lineups will increase in size as the deadline approaches. The bank can also run out of stickers, which means a return visit, so best not to leave this till the last minute.

The sticker needs to be placed on te front windshield and should be unobstructed. Keep the registration card in the glove box as some Traficos will ask to see it, if you are ever pulled over.

Good luck and safe travels....