Time to pay your Corporation Taxes

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You have 10 days left to pay your annual Corporation Tax without incuring a late fine or interest.

The Ministry of Treasury began collecting the tax on corporations for the year 2019 on January first. You have until the 31st of January to pay the fees without additional fees.

The payment can be made online through Banco Nacional or Banco BCR, using the Service Payment link through the Ministerio de Hacienda, or you can pay by going to your local bank. You need to have the Corporation ID number or the Persona Juridica to make the payment.

The amount to be paid varies each year and depending on the status of the Corporation.

The following are the taxes for 2019 based on different corporate standings.

  1. Companies not registered in the Single Tax Registry known as Registro Unico Tributerio (RUT), pay 15% of the base salary, which for 2019 is 66930 colones
  2. Companies registered in the Simplified Taxation Regime or Regimen de Tributacion Simplificada, that declare gross income less than 120 base salaries, meaning lower than 5354000 colones, must pay 25% of the base salary equivalent to 111,550 colones
  3. Companies with a gross income greater than 120 base salaries, but lower than 280 salaries, must pay 30% of the base salary, or 133,860 colones
  4. Companies with gross income greater than 280 salaries, must pay 50% of the base salary, which is 223.100 colones
  5. New corporations registered in 2019 pay a prorated rate beginning on the date the corporation is registered to cover the remainder of the year.