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Back to School - No Mask Required?


The Ministry of Public Education issued a notice Friday afternoon, stating  the use of the mask will not be mandatory starting tomorrow, Monday, May 16.

President Chaves issued his intention to remove mask restrictions throughout the country and rescind the mandatory vaccination requirement in the days following his inauguration.

Regulators and legal advisors have since clarified the President is required to call for a vote of elected officials to change the law put in place by his predecessor. Until then the vaccine law remains in place, however the mask regulation can be removed.

Private business and private schools may still require masks for entry, however the Public Schools will not require masks.

Many are split on whether tit may be too early to remove the mask mandate, however many countries are also removing the mask mandates on a trial basis.

The government has been clear that the mask requirement may be reintroduced should the hospitals see a significant increase in cases.