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Migrant Camps in Panama

Latin America

Michael Yon has been covering the news developments in Panama regarding migrants crossing through the Darrien Gap on their way north to the US.

He recently photographed camps that are expanding  to accommdate the ever increasiing number of migrants crossing through the region.

As he noted on X:

I made this photo yesterday. The blue circle and line is the route aliens take with Piragua boats. The pass through Lajas Blanca. If they are lucky, they get on a bus within an hour or two. If not, wait in line most of the day. If they do not have the $60 to ride through Panama and Costa Rica, they can work it off by cleaning the camp for 4-5 days and then go.

The green circle are three H markings for three helicopters. This is new and was only installed recently before the Presidents of Costa Rica and Panama landed for a press conference. If they were serious about knowing what is going on, they would have called me. The yellow ellipse is part of the bus staging area. There have been about 60 buses/day recently. This number will increase to about 200/day.

The red circle is the bridge leads to Lajas Blancas Embera Indian village. The oldest woman in the world is said to live there. I think they say she is 124 and still has good teeth. (Old Embera people often have fantastic teeth). This bridge gets blown out every monsoon but during dry season is open. Plans are in the works to make it permanent in 2024. This can dramatically increase AFR to USA. (AFR is Alien Flow Rate).


For details on what he found watch this enlightening video.