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Swiss Stop Recommending Covid Vaccine


Swiss authorities have stopped recommending COVID-19 vaccination, including those people who are considered high risk for COVID-19.

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health now says that “no COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for spring/summer 2023.”

The change is attributed to the number of citizens who have received a vaccine, recovered from COVID-19, or both received a vaccine and have natural immunity from post-recovery protection.

“Nearly everyone in Switzerland has been vaccinated and/or contracted and recovered from COVID-19. Their immune system has therefore been exposed to the coronavirus. In spring/summer 2023, the virus will likely circulate less. The current virus variants also cause rather mild illness,” Swiss health officials said.

Seroprevalence data from mid-2022 showed that more than 98 percent of the Swiss population had antibodies against the COVID-19 virus, indicating that people had immunity from prior infection, vaccination, or both.