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MOPT gives month extension for vehicle Riteve due in August

Costa Rica
For anyone who is due for a vehicle inspection this month at Riteve, the Ministry of Transport (MOPT) has announced another one month extension.

This allows anyone with a licence plate ending in 8 until the end of September to make an appointment for inspection.

The MOPT has noted that there have been reduced hours of operation at Riteve inspection stations and that driving restrictions have also had an impact on scheduling appointments. By extending the deadline by a month it provides drivers additional time, or that's the reasoning behind it.

In reality drivers who were due for Riteve in July are now due at the end of August, creating a backlog of inspections. Those who are due for inspections in September will have fewer appointment times available because of the drivers who did not make their appointments in August.

Fines for failing to have a Riteve sticker are not cheap. Drivers can be fined 54,000 colones or close to 100 USD.

Many drivers, especially for those in Orange zones had strict driving restrictions, much more so than the rest of the country. Restricted to driving one workday and reduced hours, up until a week ago, based on the last number of their plate.

For anyone who was due for inspection in July you have the remainder of the week to get your sticker. For those due in August it is highly recommended that you book an appointment sooner rather than later, to avoid the risk of not getting an appointment later in the month.

Drivers should also note that they can book an appointment on a restricted driving day and travel to and from the inspection without risk of a fine, according to the MOPT website. However, side trips on that day would result in a fine, so it is important that you go directly to and from the inspection.

Considering the time and expense of getting this mandatory annual inspection, it would be nice of the MOPT to extend hours of operation to accommodate the backlog and make the process more accessible. With reduced driving times, everyone who drives for work or necessity has less time avalable during the day and early evenings.

A common sense gesture that would go a long way, in these stressful times.