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Road Grading in Surfside


The Surfside Property Owners Association has just recently graded our roadways.

For most residents this was a welcome development and long awaited. Of course there are many not so happy with the results. Overall, the project was an improvement considering all the standing water and potholes that existed.

One of the problems the Board faces when tackling the problems with the roads is while some residents have taken on the task of maintaining the road in front of their property, by adding gravel or filling in potholes with rocks and waste construction materials, other properties where the owners are absent can become a wasteland. Where gravel exists, the road grader can skip over the properties and focus on the problem areas, however it may result in some sections of road not being graded. 

With all the rain we have had this year and last, it doesn't take long for the roads to deteriorate. Drainage is a big problem and on may roads the ditches are blocked, or often non existent. Many residents are unaware that they are required to have a drainage ditch in front of their property to keep the water moving towards the creeks or the ocean. It only makes sense considering the volume of rain we get in the green season, especially in September and October. Where driveways meet the road there should be a culvert, ditch or a concrete drainage ditch to allow the passage of water. It is the homeowners responsibility to keep these clear of debris, and keep the water moving.

Some residents do not have drainage in front of their property but usually there is a drain nearby allowing the water to cross under the roadway to the ditch on the opposite side. These also need to be kept clear otherwise water will build up and then erode the roadway, seeking the shortest route to the lowest point. This helps create the pools and potholes we have on the roads most of the year.

A recent problem has arisen with property owners adding their own speed bumps, in an attempt to slow speeding vehicles. While it may be with good intent this creates several issues and is not something that should be done without proper approval. in the case of grading the road, these are obstacles that prevent the grader from its intended purpose, making the roads flat and sloped towards the ditches. Unmarked speed bumps are a hazard to cyclists, wheelchairs and anyone pushing a stroller, especially at night.

For those who feel it is an absolute necessity and willing to risk a fine, at least consider your neighbors who also use the road for walking, jogging, and cycling to the store and keep at least part of the road passable and clear of the speed bump. A reflector or marker indicating that a speed bump exists would also be a considerate move.

Hopefully we can get some additional work done to improve drainage, which will intern make maintaining the roads less of an ordeal. As Green Season comes to a close lets not forget our issues with what the water does to our roads and drainage.