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Apr 29th-2019 Ordinary Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the regular meeting of Board # 70, held in the office of the Asada, 03:40 pm when on the 29th, the month April, 2019.

SECTION 1: The meeting begins with the presence of the following members:

President: Lourdes Valverde

Vice president: Lindsay Cantillo (via freeconferencecall)

Secretary: Ivannia Alfaro

Treasurer: William Friesen

Vocal: Rocío Villalobos

Vocal: Ahmed Berdugo

ARTICLE 2: Mr. Bill Friesen, treasurer, proposed bringing a personal translator Ryan Billib to the Meetings, (Note: now Board Meetings are being conducted in Spanish);  the proposal was put to the vote, it was agreed not to accept Ryan as a translator because Ryan is the community; Martha (ASADA Administrator) was proposed to translate to Bill and seek an outside translator to the community to sign a confidentiality agreement with Asada.

ARTICLE 3: It was agreed 3 minutes pending approval, # 67, # 68, # 69 be mailed to board members to give approval no later than Thursday, 02 May.

ARTICLE 4: Lourdes said integration projects and Flamingo Views Marcela Forest, the latter already made the technical study and submit to AyA this week.

ARTICLE 5: Lourdes explained coastal Conimboco project and a brief explanation of Pacume.

ARTICLE 6: It was agreed to start with the relocation of lines in Paseo Surfside, for which, Juan Carlos asked two assistants.

ARTICLE 7: It was agreed to request quote from a construction company for quiebrapatas at the office entrance.

ARTICLE 8: Several applications are approved water availability:

ARTICLE 9: Several applications are deprecated availability:

SECTION 10: Reading is given to the correspondence of COPRODESA, applicants be received by the board to present their products. He remembers receiving them at its regular meeting on May 15 at 05:00 pm

ARTICLE 11: Agreement to raise an approval case to the legal department and consult with the lawyer of Asada.

ARTICLE 12: It discloses the application for 17 water connections in 17 batches resulting from a subsequent segregation of a property corresponding to eight children, it will be provided written answers.

ARTICLE 13: The meeting was adjourned at 5:36 pm the same day.