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Feb-2019 Extraordinary Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Asada’s Surfside Board of Directors’ extraordinary session minute number #67, held in its meeting room at the Asada´s office, when its 10:00 am on Wednesday February 06th 2019.

ARTICLE 1°: Session begins with the attendance of the following members:

President: Lourdes Valverde

Secretary: Andy Napier

Treasurer: Bill Friesen

Vocal 2: Rocío Villalobos

Vocal 3: Ahmed Berdugo

Fiscal: Dave Nelson

ARTICLE 2°: the board starts talking about the infrastructure projects, Juan Carlos explained the relocation of lines in private lands as in Naranja, Mango and Mariposa Street. Ahmed proposed to hire a company or more helpers for Juan Carlos and Daniel for the projects. Juan Carlos said they can handle the projects alone, but they will ask for help if they need it. Lourdes explained before lines relocations we have to end other previous projects approved as hydrants, 2 gate valves and Paseo Surfside line relocation.

ARTICLE 3°: it was agreed that because we don’t have enough space for saving pipes, we are going to buy the materials for the projects little by little according to how it is needed.

ARTICLE 4°: it was agreed to look for a container quote because we don’t have space to save more materials in the storehouse and would keep materials secure. Lourdes and Ahmed will give Marta some contacts for asking for a quote.

ARTICLE 5°: Lourdes explained next week there is a meeting for Asadas’ public utility declaratory, this helps the Asadas on not paying taxes on our purchases and provides an opportunity to receive charitible donations.

ARTICLE 6°: Rocío said some people in the town were complaining about hard water and kidney stone problems, from the calcium content of the water. It was confirmed that filtration is the responsibility of home owners to remove or reduce the calcium levels by filtration. We ordered a water analysis to Bionalítica this week, and, we are going to have the results next week.

ARTICLE 7°: it was agreed to post on the website the water analysis and financial statements, we have to ask for the credentials and passwords to the person who was in charge of the website.

ARTICLE 8°: Rocío will discuss the possibility of making a warning sign about crocodiles in the estuary, with Surfside Property Owners Association.

ARTICLE 9°: it was agreed to ask Sebastián to come on the scheduled General Meeting on February 20th and not on the 19th for the training he will give to the board.

ARTICLE 10°: Andy said gender equality rule of 50% women and 50% men in the board is not a rule, only that both genders are to be recognized on the Board. Lourdes explained the regulation in Costa Rica has to be 50/50 for Public Associations. Item to be confirmed.

ARTICLE 11°: Dave explained the process of the election, he said it was wrong because the 3 vocals papers were counted all together and not separated in vocal 1, 2 and 3, although the papers had the number of the vocal. He said if vocals papers are counted separated Ahmed doesn’t win, and that AyA said to him is his obligation voiding the assembly and new election of all members should be done. Lourdes said an assembly can´t be void, just contested, and that, there is nothing in the bylaws about how the voting should be; also said, at the assembly the lawyer explained people should vote for 2 women and 1 man for gender equality and the 2 women who receive more votes win and the man who gets more votes win. Lourdes stated that no one in the assembly complained when the lawyer said that, although several members questioned the procedure immediately following the count. Dave also stated some votes were not counted by the lawyer because they were not on official ballots, despite being informed they could do so, because they had ballots missing in their package.

ARTICLE 12°: Ahmed proposed going to AyA for a clarification on the election and let AyA decide about the situation, board members agree on it. Dave will go to AyA Liberia to talk about the election, he will bring to the board an official document from AyA about the meeting and resolution.

ARTICLE 13°: it was proposed the future meetings could be at 4:00 pm, for the convenience of working Board Members. To be voted on at next meeting.

ARTICLE 14°: Andy won’t sign the act of the general assembly of January 26th, until questions regarding the process of the election is decided and resolved by AyA, and he is officially registered as Secretary, or confirmed as Acting Secretary.

ARTICLE 15°: Session ends at 11:20 a.m.