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Canada Election results in Liberal Minority

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After four years with a majority Liberal government, Canada has re-elected the Liberals with a minority. They will have to work with the New Democrats to get anything passed in the government.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been re-elected, it is clear the country is not as supportive of his policy agenda as it was in the last election. He has a lot of work to do.

The Liberals managed to elect 157 out of 338 seats and they needed 170 for a second majority government. They now need the support of another party everytime they need to pass a budget or spending bills. The NDP has said they are willing to support a Liberal Minority, meaning Canadians can expect more deficit spending, and perhaps see universal pharmacare for all.

It's hard to say what will happen with the pipeline, however it is clear this was a concern for Western Canada. The rise of the Bloc in Quebec, also means a loss of faith in the Liberals and the Conservatives in dealing with issues that affect French Canada.

Odds are against Trudeau's Liberals retaining office for the full four years, but how long he can remain as Prime Minister is anyone's guess.

We wish all the newly elected and those re-elected the best of luck and hope they can try to bring the country back together, as it is clear from the map it is more divided than ever.