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Mexico turns into a war zone

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With all the fighting going on in places around the world, it is easy to overlook the problems on the North American continent as a first world problem. When a major siege takes place involving armoured vehicles, road blockades, kidnapped police and prison breaks, well, there should be more concern for what is going on.

The latest skirmish looked like a scene from a movie or comparable to what is a daily occurance in any war torn country in the Middle East, but in fact it took place on the streets of Mexico. The Sinaloan Cartel battled with local police who had captured two of 'El Chapo' Guzman's sons. Residents were caught in the middle of it all, with nowhere to turn.

It is clear there is a significant problem ahead with several Cartel's not only continuing to do business gloabally but threatening the existing government, and apparently overpowering the police and military. Considering Mexico is an important trade partner with the US and Canada, one would expect there to be a focus on helping to resolve the problems, if such a solution even exists.

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