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CNN is critical of HRC' latest comments

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With so many Democrat nominees trying to claim the leadership role for the Party and challenge President Trump in the the 2020 election, it is hard to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Most are running on similar policies, so getting into the media spotlight is important both in the Primaries and in the run up to the election. And as with every other election cycle, nominees try to garner support from those in their Party that have a loud voice in terms of endorsement and finacial support.

It appears that Hillary Clinton has decided to voice her support on who she thinks is the best nominee, however no one expected her to go so far off the rails in slagging other leadership contenders. One shouldn't be surprised after what happened to Bernie Saunders in 2016, when he tried to run against HRC.

Even some of the news commentators at CNN were stunned.