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Bravo 1 arrested in Mexico

Latin America

Mexican Marines secretly arrested Los Zetas cartel leader Juan Pablo “El Oaxaco” or “Bravo 1” Perez Garcia in Los Ramones, Nuevo León this weekend. Thought to be the most feared man behind northern Mexico’s most gory violence, Perez Garcia has been transferred to Mexico City, facing multiple charges: organized crime, drug, and weapons charges, according to courageous reporters with Breibart Texas this weekend, a week after a Youtube was published calling for people to honor American journalist Gary Webb, suicided for exposing CIA border drug-running.

El Oaxaco’s arrest remained unofficially announced until Monday morning. Mexican law enforcement officials also revealed that El Oaxaco was a corporal with the Mexican Army before joining Los Zetas during a time when the criminal organization was the enforcement wing of the Gulf Cartel. While part of the Los Zetas, Perez Garcia was a Tamaulipas State Police officer and had also worked as a security guard with Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).