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Arizona GOP Chairwoman explains Maricopa County Ballot Audit

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Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Gives Extensive Interview on Maricopa Ballot Audit Status

While the 2020 US election may be over, the questions regarding the accuracy and security of the election are not.

In Arizona, Maricopa County election officals won the right to hold an audit of the votes, which has turned up some concerning results. It is important to note the audit is far from over, and has faced numerous challenges as to whether it should proceed, despite being authorized by the courts.

Media coverage has been focussed mainly on whether the audit is justified. The fact is everyone should want to see this through since everyone benfits. If the results are verified then it validates the results, and if issues are found, then officials can address these to ensure the integrity of future elections. The audit will eliminate all doubt.

No matter who one voted for, all citizens need to support the process of certification and ensure the results of all elections are accurate and secure from outside interference.

Ms Debbie Georgatos, the host of “America, Can We Talk?” conducted a detailed interview with Kelli Ward yesterday to find out the details of the Maricopa County ballot audit and the legal issues being faced. Kelli Ward provides a good explanation of what is taking place with the audit, keeping in mind she represents the GOP in Arizona.