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Nashville Explosion Body Cam Footage Released

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Nashville Police released bodycam footage of Officer Sipos, covering the minutes before and immediately following the explosion on Decmber 25th.

The officers walked past the site site of the explosion just minutes before it exploded. To say they were lucky is an understatement, considering the damage and debris scattered over blocks. The video is a testament to the dangers police and emergency workers face on an increasingly regular basis. They deserve our praise not scorn.

What does seem strange is that the officers walked past the van while "knowing" it was the potential location of the bomb. Around the 2:00 minute mark you can hear the warning to not approach the vehicle.

Two police officers discussing the van at the 2:37 mark "I found out that... the building that it's next to, is the building that houses all the hard lines for phones throughout the Southeast." "Makes sense.... good spot to put a bomb."

A neighbor had reported hearing gunshots earlier in the morning, prior to the announcements to evacuate.